Will the iPhone 8 have Wireless charging technology?

Every year Apple releases a brand new top of the range smartphone and once it is out, people always want to know what the next big iPhone will be like. Rumours spread round and round but most of the time they are never true… that is until now. Almost a year ago there was a huge rumour that Apple had teamed up with Energous examining their unique tech WattUp. WattUp is a technology which consists of wireless charging that uses radio frequency’s to charge devices that are within a 5 metre distance. Energous stated that they had teamed up with “one of the largest electronic companies in the world”

Not Official

All of the points Energous said in any interviews about this matter or about them having a partner tended to point straight to  Apple , in fact the CEO Steve Rizzone also said in an interview with the Verge that he was convinced that most of us were carrying with us the product of this mysterious company or we had them on our desk at home.

From this point we can sum up that either Rizzone is exaggerating drastically on the company and that he is in fact talking about LG or Huawei (I am not saying that these are not smaller company’s by the way) or he is talking about either Apple or Samsung. Apple do tend to have some surprises with their new mobiles and since its passed Apple’s 10th iPhone anniversary maybe Apple is thinking of adding wireless charging to the iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 agenda?

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