Razers New Project Laptop With 3 Screens

This year at CES Razer showed off their brand new Project Valerie which is a masterpiece of a concept laptop. Many of the internals are similar to the company’s Razer Blade Pro which was equally as impressive. Now the new concept computer weighs 11 pounds, yes 11 pounds and is twice as thick as the Razer Blade Pro. Well these are few of the perks of having 3 17 inch screens, yes 3.  When the laptop is raised up you can slide two full screens and lock them into place making your laptop look like superman .

These displays are not even cheap ones either, Each of the 3 monitors is a 4K IGZO display and they’re all functioned by Nvidia’s G-Sync monitor tech to make sure the screens function perfectly with no faults or problems. Razer have stated that the laptop supports Nvdia surround gaming with an incredible 180 degree surround view.  The components can also be used for any digital designers or video editors as the laptop is certainly powerful enough.

Beneath the screen there is also the same desktop class NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with 8GB of video RAM, a nd 32 GB of system RAM and the equal cooling rig in the Pro.

This is also a concept as i stated before so considering the blade pro costs around $3700/£3000 the laptop will probably cost around £5000-£6000.

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