Google’s updating their Voice App

Google have always had their extremely unused voice app which was created almost 8 years ago! The app never seemed to kick off and hadn’t had any transcript runs,tests or updates since late 2015. In fact the last major change to the app was the ability to use the app to send messages so i think we can all agree its had its time.

Some users according to the Verge have been experiencing a small link at the top of the apps screen telling users “The new Google Voice is here” and that the link takes them straight to a blank page. Google have now confirmed big things are coming for the new voice app . Whilst there is no official confirmation on what Google will be adding to the app we believe it will have something to do with emailing and messaging and maybe Google can update the whole app making it more accessible for the audience.

Once we receive more info on the app we will report straight back.

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