Xiaomi’s NEW TV has been released, and it is good!

Xiaomi reveiled its newest Mi TV at CES today. The brand new Mi TV 4 has three alternate sizes ranging from 45′ to 55′ and finally 65′ and it is alternatively extremely thin, its even said to be thinner than an iPhone! It is 4.9mm wide yes 4.9, truly incredible.  The brushed metal back is very sleek and it has a very simplistic and transparent feel to it. Hugo Barra said today “its essentially invisible when you look at it from the side and has virtually no bezel”

Xiaomi is using an AI driven system and its PatchWall UI which allows viewers to get personal recommendations from many shows and movies. Xiaomi have also enabled the Smart TV to have a removable motherboard meaning customers can replace the motherboard over time. The Mi TV 4’s Dolby Compatible bar comes with 10 speakers and two satellite speakers and subwoofer.

The brand new TV will sell in China for under $2000/£1600

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